Sunday, April 29, 2007

vase - for alimcsage

vase - for alimcsage
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Paul gave me this as a birthday present - posted it on Flickr for me. It's sweet, isn't it. I'm very stoned, picked up just this evening. watching Woody play Zelda on the GCube at the mo. Lisa is studying on her laptop just behind me. Her boyfriend, Kieran, is checking his emails. We all have laptops or game consoles in front of us. And we are all stoned. Just watched Thelma and Louise and Shaft. That's not one film, by the way. Or three friends of mine. It's two films. Anyway!

At the end of second year now, coming up for exam time. As per always I am unprepared to a disgusting degree.

My brain is really dead. I might stop writing now...more may follow, but it may take some time...


Friday, December 01, 2006


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This is my loverly room. Bit short of posters. But I like it. Look at that big comfy bed!

PS I now have learnt the correct terms for the parts of the mouth used for speech and the phonemes they create. I can't finish a sentence without touching my throat and thinking 'hmm, /b/ is an unvoiced bi-labial plosive, cool'.


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This is Woody. We love Woody. Right now he is cooking yummy-smelling curry. Oh, curry is good. I'm drinking mulled wine and nibbling jamaica ginger cake. Oh christmas is the bestist.


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

new home

sitting on the makeshift sofa, having read the first few scenes of Perestroika, the second half of Angels in America. Been going on lots of walks in the city to get me head together, which is nice, listening to beach boys right now. Bought dad a 'ruby' sheesha for xmas, but it arrived yesters and he opened it prematurely...silly man...nevermind.

Woody is drumming against the back of a chair, in a distracted sort of way, he keeps stopping and starting. I am so paranoid at the moment, just about Woody, I keep thinking he knows what I'm thinking. I think that's just me being silly. Now he's talking on the mobile. I think it's Rory. I want to see Rory but he never calls me anymore. Plus I can't be arsed getting dressed today. so I probs won't be going outdoors. aahhh welll. whatever. We both gave up smoking - me and Woody. I gave up first.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

woody's gone a bit mental

ah well, i am worried about him, but you can't treat everyone like they're your own kin, he's not my son and I should leave him be a bit!

We went to the indian food shop this afternoon. I have lovely dates and grapefruit to eat mmmm. They aren't anything like odd. I always thought they were called 'greatfruits' but nevermind.

working on an essay at the moment (3000 words, they're starting to work us a bit harder now...) it's an essay on the heroic in Frankenstein and Mrs Dalloway. I'm finding it shocking fun what.

Bought mini milks the other day. O yes. When was the last time you had a mini milk? I have become an internet obsessed no-life girl. I blog on this, I check my myspace about...oo...every two seconds, i post on flickr, i am constantly posting on my uni's english language web forum. That's scraping the bloody barrel, isn't it!

I know the words to dizzee rascal's 'i luv u' and it's actually a nasty ol song, i'ntit. Having a bling moment. Keep buying really big earings. No earing yet has satisfied my desire for laaaaarrrrge. Ah well.

Dya like Lady Soveriegn? I think it's part of my slight homesickness, i want to reconnect to my pikey catford roots. ah well.

I want some massive gold rings...i tried on the gold chains mum bought ages ago from her home-shopping-network phase. I tried them all on at once. It felt goood. I look good in a baseball cap.

do i need i?

Monday, July 31, 2006


ohhhh gooooood looooorrrd,

right. I did the essays that needed doing. I bought the tickets for my journey up to uni for my re-sit.

- feeling tired, been out all day, mags round in morning, saw sarah for lunch, bought fabulous cds for dad - Dave came round (friend of dad's) in evening, stayed till 10pm getting stoned - PASSED OUT like a jibbering fool in the fucking kitchen. I had to tell him to leave "you have to leave now dave. I am tired Dave. Leave."

Monday, July 24, 2006

chinese food yum yum yum

just ate a fuckload of crispy chinese lovelyness, watching beverly hills cop three and researching an essay.

haven't been up to much recently, except briefly seeing a boy called Dwayne from Peckham. O yes. Anyway, been going to the gym with Mags, which is fun. Feeling more fit and healthy than normal.

Have to do a bloody resit exam in august but that's ok I guess...and I'm secretly enjoying doing my History of Art essays :-)

Going up to Somerset House for their movies in the park type thingy later next month, soon it will be Craig's 21st! yay! parties abound - Ellie and me are planning a joint 21st party as we didn't get to really celebrate our birthdays at home this year.

So that's all good good good

I will write again soon!


Monday, June 12, 2006

...and relax

immense stress over. Not immense in real-life terms, obviously. Had some exams. Did some cleaning. But, hey, I've been doing nothing for nine months I'm out of practice doing things. Finished most of the tidying yesterday - dumped the sofa in the park by the river. It looked so sad all alone. We came home had a coupla joints and watched big brother (peeeeettte we love you peeeeetee!).

This morning Woody left to go home. Iain and Malcolm are gone for good. Rory left, taking all but the kitchen sink, Lucy went back to Bavaria...oh everyone is gone! Hattie left a few minutes ago and now I am alone! I passed english lit tho. Got a B. Am quite pleased. Two Bs in english this year. NO other classes have released results yet. Still waiting on tutors to get back to me re lack of coursework and one failed mid-year exam. but hey, let it wait (panic panic stress).

ought to work out new loan for next term - will do that directly! have to organise money for first rent payment in august and get hold of the right papers to send to the landlord. O god it's so fussy doing things so dull. Nevermind. Thinking about getting a myspace. As I blog so often it would be worth having two sites....oh well!